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Can I take these drugs together?

Q: I am a 76 years old female, suffering from cerebral atrophy, multiple infarcts in the brain and Parkinson's disease for the last 2 years. Last year, I also suffered from Jaundice (bilirubin: 2.4) and urinary tract infections. Medications used include Bilovas, Syndopa Plus and Urimax. I don't have high blood sugar or high blood pressure. Of late, I have developed mild ischaemia in the lateral arterial wall of the heart and have been prescribed Deplatt 75. Would like to know whether it is safe to have Bilovas with Deplatt and also whether there are any side effects of Syndopa Plus?

A:Unfortunately many elderly patients are prescribed multiple medicines without diagnosis and/or clearly defined reasons resulting in side effects. Then still more medicines are given to control side effects! The cycle continues to the great delight of drug companies. For instance tamsulosin (Urimax) is indicated for enlargement of prostate in males only. Since woman do not have the prostate gland, it is not clear as to why this medicine was given to you. There is no proven utility of ginkgo biloba extract (Bilovas) in patients like you. Also there is no clear indication for Deplatt 75 (clopidogrel). It would be more useful to give simple low-dose aspirin 50-80mg a day (such as ASA-50). Recent research has shown its beneficial effect in women. Apart from this you need Syndopa Plus for Parkinsonism. Irrespective of its side effects, this medicine is needed to control signs and symptoms of Parkinsonism.


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