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Can I take estovon for menopausal symptoms?

Q: I am 41 years old and I have started getting menopausal symptoms. My gynaecologist and consulting physician both have prescribed estovon launched by Universal Medicare Pvt Ltd. Both my doctors say that Estovon is a natural plant origin substance with estrogen (the main female hormone), like action for menopause. According to my doctors, Estovon protects against heart disease, brittle bones, repeated urinary infections, hot flushes, mood and behaviour disturbances and also facilitates sexual bliss without exposing the post menopausal women to the risk of cancer. They claim that Estovon is the only product in the market today which contains isoflavones + calcium + phosphorous + vitamin D for more comprehensive care during menopause. Regular intake of 1 - 2 Estovon tablets twice everyday by postmenopausal women will decrease risk of fractures by 50 per cent, heart disease by 40 per cent and paralysis by 30 to 50 per cent. Is there any harm in taking estovon? They have also suggested E-COD ( Vit E + Cod Liver Oil) I solicit your valuable guidance In anticipation of your early reply.

A:Estovon is a brand name that contains calcium, phosphorus and some herbal ingredients. There is no scientific evidence of its efficacy and safety. This product is not approved by the Drugs Controller General, India (DCGI). Such products are not allowed to be sold in western countries. Unfortunately Indian laws are lax and there is no proper control. Such expensive medicines giving huge profits are aggressively promoted to medical profession through questionable means. Furthermore doctors in India are not taught about alternative/herbal products. Therefore in 1997, the Supreme Court has banned the prescription of non-allopathic products by doctors of modern medicine. E-Cod is a combination of vitamin E and cod liver oil. High dose Vitamin E should only be taken if there is confirmed deficiency. The daily requirement of vitamin E is 3-15mg that is easily available from normal diet. According to the British National Formulary, no purpose is served by giving oral supplementation of vitamin E.


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