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Can I plan a pregnancy if I have a thyroid problem?

Q: I have a thyroid problem for the past 9 years. Initially when it started a swelling was discovered under my neck and I was rushed to an endocrinologist. After taking Thyronorm 25 mg for 1 year (daily 1 tablet) it disappeared. I am now married and blessed with a child. Ever since I haven't taken any thyroid medicines. But recently from the past 2 years, I again found some thing puffy under my neck and approached the same doctor, who suggested to carry on with Thyronorm 50 mg. I am now taking thyronorm 50 mg daily 1 tab. I wish to go for another baby now. What are the ill effects of Thyronorm if I become pregnant? Will it affect the baby? Will my child suffer with the same problem? My first child is 7 years old and does not have any thyroid problem till now.

A:You can proceed with pregnancy safely. But do remember that during pregnancy the dose of thyroid increases almost every month, especially in the first 5-7 months of pregnancy. Follow-up with Free T4 (and not T4 & TSH) as the child's size increases in the womb. Thyroid hormone is a replacement, hence has no side effects. However, try to remain under the care of an endocrinologist, if possible, during the period of pregnancy.


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