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Can I plan a pregnancy if I am diabetic?

Q: I am 30 years old. I was suffering from gestational diabetes during my pregnancy. I delivered a boy 5 weeks before the due date, through caesarean section. I again conceived 2 years ago and developed high BSG of 350 in the third week of pregnancy. I had to abort the child. After the abortion, the sugar level came back to normal. But 8 months after the abortion, I developed diabetes and I lost weight rapidly. Since then I have been on insulin. I take human mixtard 30/70, 22units, but with that also my fasting sugar is 159 and PP is 249. I want to conceive. What should I do? I am very depressed after the abortion and want a child desperately.

A:The most important thing is control the blood sugar tightly for at least 2 months prior to planning pregnancy. If the blood sugars are well controlled before and during pregnancy there is little risk of abortion or any other problems during pregnancy. In addition to sugars, a thorough check for eyes, kidneys and blood pressure is required prior to pregnancy. I would suggest you go to a referral hospital where a diabetes specialist as well as a good obstetric unit is available.


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