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Can I plan a pregnancy after a surgery for slip disc?

Q: I suffered a slip disc (L5-S1) two and a half years back. After few days of bed rest, I had to go for disectomy of my slip disc immediately, as left foot was becoming weaker (footdrop). After the surgery I underwent physiotherapy for 6 months and I am still doing some back exercises when required. But I still have footdrop. I am planning for a second child now. Would my back be able to support my pregnancy after surgery? My first child is now 4 years old. Please guide. Should I plan a child in this condition? What planning precautions do I have to take for my low back? Will I be able to exercise for my back during my pregnancy?

A:It is possible to exercise your back in early pregnancy. Please avoid putting on extra weight to prevent excess load on the spine. It is possible to carry a pregnancy up to term after an operation on the spine. So don't worry and consult your local orthopaedic surgeon for timely advice if pain should recur during pregnancy.


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