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Can I modify my father's drug regimen?

Q: I am a medical student and I have a doubt regarding statins. My father is 54 years old and his weight is 75 kg. His lipid profile is - HDL 37, LDL 147, VLDL 17, total cholesterol 201, triglyceride 88. He is on antihypertensive medication since ten years. He is taking NoCad also and inspite this, his lipid levels are increasing. Now I would like him to take statins. Can I ask him to take Storvas-10? Should he stop taking NoCad if he takes atorvastatin for his lipid levels or should he take Storvas 5 mg or Simvotin-5?

A:NoCad contains pyridoxine, folic acid, methylcobalamin, vitamin C, betacarotene and selenium. It has hardly any role to play in the reduction of cholesterol. Furthermore, such a combination does not exist anywhere in the world except India. A huge number of irrational combinations exist in India due to lax laws. The only beneficiaries are drug companies. Recently, a very large study (called Copenhagen study) has shown that anti-oxidants have no benefit but can actually make matters worse. Atorva (atorvastatin) 10mg once daily in conjunction with diet control and mild exercise can help reduce cholesterol levels. However, weight reduction is also very important. The patient needs to lose at least 5-6kg over the next few months.


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