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Can I marry a girl with Type -1 diabetes?

Q: My family has fixed up my marriage with a girl who is distantly related to me. A few days back, she personally told me that she has type -1 diabetes. Now, she is taking insulin injections. I like her openness as she has frankly told me everything about herself. I want to know if this will affect her health in future? Also, will this affect our future child? Can you please clear my doubts?

A:As per information you have provided your fiancee is suffering from Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (DM). Following information will help you. Type 1 DM is a disorder which invariably starts in early childhood. Because of antibodies in blood these persons do not produce insulin hormone which is essential for keeping blood glucose under control. Because of deficiency of insulin these patients have high blood glucose levels which cause various problems both acute and chronic (long standing). These patients are dependent upon insulin and must take insulin lifelong to stay healthy. These patients have to keep blood glucose under control with diet, exercise and insulin. In case they are not able to control then they can land up in complications which can trivial to very serious. For example long standing poor control can cause damage to eyes, kidneys and nerves. If they stop taking insulin or get some infection then can have acute complications like ketoacidiosis. Regarding children, they have higher chances of getting this type of DM. Now in present era the treatment has changed lives of millions of Type 1 diabetic patients and they are leading healthy, productive and purposeful life. One example is Wasim Akaram the former Pakistani captain. The bottom line is if treated well and patient can get good family support then can lead near normal life. I must appreciate the girl ho is bold enough to tell you about her illness before marriage.


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