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Can I increase my chances for a normal delivery?

Q: I had a caesarean section five years back. At that time, I had no complications throughout the pregnancy, but still had to go through a caesarean, as the baby had not reached down even after giving glucose. Now I am pregnant for the second time and in my seventh week of pregnancy. What are the chances of having a normal (vaginal) delivery this time? What are the things I could do to increase the chances of having a normal delivery?

A:If you had the caesarean because of a small pelvis, it will happen again. If, however, the baby was too big, then the chance of caesarean depends on the size of the baby and your pelvis, again at full term. If the cause of failure of normal delivery was the cervix, then again the chance of c-section is high. Actually, we need to know the exact indication of your previous surgery, and a final decision can be made only at full term. There is no point worrying, as caesareans today are very safe, too.


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