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Can I have sugar free drinks during pregnancy?

Q: I am pregnant with gestational diabetes. I am on insulin and according to my dietician the sugar values in the nutrition table plays no significant role as the values are included in the carbohydrate value. Is this true? She said that I can eat some sweet things considering the sugar value in it. Also please tell me if drinking diet soda and caffeine free drinks is okay? I am taking diet ginger ale which is caffeine free.

A:I am glad that you are following your doctors and nutritionists advice on diabetic diet. You obviously are giving yourself insulin based on the carb count. That should keep your sugars under tight control. But too many carbohydrate and insulin will eventually lead to excessive weight gain. Be careful of how much weight you gain. Diet drinks are okay but please drink them rarely. Water is the safest drink (no calories, no artificial sweeteners). You may use a touch of lemon in it to make it taste better. Wish you all the best with this pregnancy. Remember to monitor your sugars after the baby is born. Some women develop diabetes after being gestational diabetics.


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