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Can I go for Lasik eye surgery?

Q: My 26 years old son has shortsightedness of -7.25/0.75 in the right eye and -5.25/1.25 in the left eye. He has a slight posterior corneal thinning on the left and may get Posterior keratoconus. The cylindrical power in the left eye increased suddenly from 0.75 to 1.25 and spherical has come down to 5.25 from 8.0 in a year. Readings are taken through orbscan. Please suggest whether he can go for lasik surgery or not.

A:The Orbscan is a good machine with very reliable data, but you need an assessment with a Topography machine. There are far superior machines than Zyoptix available today. Most of the surgeons who used Zyoptix have changed over to these modern machines. 0.49 pachymetry is slightly on the thinner side. Power cannot come down from -8 to -5! It is just impossible. You must have been given -8.00 power by mistake. The cylindrical power increasing though rare, can happen. Many times doctors do not prescribe the entire power, initially.


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