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Can I go for laser treatment to regain my eyesight?

Q: I am a 22 years old girl who had retinal detachment in the left eye which was operated 2 years back. But now I am seeing things curved through the affected eye . I am having myopia too with a power of -17 in my left eye and –14 in the right eye. Is there any way that I can regain my eyesight? Is laser treatment possible?

A:Once the retina and in particular the central portion called macula is detached, you will never get back the original vision. When the retina settles back after the surgery, it does not have to in every case; it would only get back partial. There could be minute wrinkles in it, and this will cast distortion. Also lack of nutrition to macula will cause permanent damage. Get an macular optical coherence tomography (OCT) done and you may find some changes. If rest of the eye is healthy, you can get a Lasik done, but that will not improve beyond the vision with your glasses. It will not correct your distortion.


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