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Can I get rid of spectacles by natural herbs?

Q: I am an 18 year old boy. My eye number is spherical, left: -1.25 and right: -1.50. My eyes are little embedded in the face. Can this be treated? Can hypermetropia be treated with natural herbs?

A:Hypermetropia cannot be treated by herbs. However, you do not have hypermetropia with the power you have written, you have slight myopia only and this will get little worse in next few years while you are physically growing because the size of your eyes are slightly bigger than normal and you are only growing more at this age. Although you were borne with myopia, you only started to notice when you were growing fast and needed to use your eyes for intensive studies. This much power is nothing to worry about. This will start to get better when you are over 40 years of age. Just wear glasses and don't even need to think about contact lenses or refractive surgery. Eyes being a little inside will also get better if and when you gain some weight.


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