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Can I get Lasik surgery done?

Q: I am a 33 years old female with a spectacle power of -6.75 / -0.75 x 175 degrees (right) and -5.5/-0.5 x 180 degrees (left) using soft contact lenses for past 10 years. Recently I visited an eye surgeon for lasik correction for both the eyes. Pachymetry was found to be 490 mm. My dilated pupil size is 6 mm. I was off my contacts for 8 days when these readings were taken. I have learned through net that all these parameters are borderline. Hence I am now hesitant to undergo this procedure. Please guide me, if I should actually abandon this whole idea of lasik?

A:We have gone through your query and it seems that you would be suited for Lasik under certain conditions. Do not abandon the idea of lasik. It seems you would suited for one of the newer surgical procedures called epilasik surgery which is exactly the same technology as lasik but has different instrumentation and is suited for higher refractive errors and thinner corneas. This is procedure is very safe. The post operative period is very similar to the lasik routine but you would have to undergo the eligibility screening for the same.


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