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Can I drink alcohol if I take metformin drug?

Q: I am 69 years old and I am suffering from diabetes. I take Glucored forte twice for diabetes. I am hypertensive for which I take morning zaart 50 and frusemene 40. My height is 5.9 feet and I weigh 74 kg. Lately I read the side effects of metformin which said that interaction between metformin and alcohol can cause lactic acidosis. I take two large pegs of alcohol before my meal daily. My blood tests are normal except creatinine which is on the borderline. Should I stick to this medicine?

A:You mention that you have diabetes and that you are concerned about the interaction between metformin and the 2 large pegs of alcohol. You are right that one of the side effects of metformin is lactic acidosis but this is extremely rare. I am concerned about your alcohol intake. You should really be thinking about stopping the alcohol and not the metformin. Alcohol will worsen your diabetic state and elevate your blood pressure. My suggestion is you stop the alcohol and not consider stopping the metformin.


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