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Can I conceive with polycystic ovary syndrome?

Q: I am a 24-year-old married woman without children. My height is 5 feet 3 inches and I weigh 54 kg. I have gained 4 kg in the past year. My periods are regular and my menstrual cycle is of 34 days. I didn't get my periods for 2 months and an ultrasound showed mild polycystic ovaries. My doctor gave me regestron to induce periods and siphene and duphaston to regularise ovulation. Will this treatment cure my problem? Will this medication be enough to normalise my ovulation in one month? Does the treatment have any side effects? Can I conceive and have a normal pregnancy? I am planning on a pregnancy soon. Are there any specific precautions which I have to take? Why am I not getting the usual symptoms of polycystic ovaries i.e. obesity and excessive facial hair?

A:All cases of polycystic ovaries do not have all the symptoms. Treatment for one month only will not cure the disease. You can conceive with ovulation induction drugs and drugs for luteal phase support (like duphaston). However, you must be under the constant supervision of your gynecologist for this. We never give blanket instructions to the patients for taking or adjusting the dosages of the drugs. Constant monitoring by ultrasound, cervical mucus score and postcoital test is essential. Drugs may need to be changed. Sometimes laparoscopic surgery may be required in addition to drugs (if drugs alone do not work). You must have hystero-salpingography (HSG) for testing patency of tubes and semen analysis of your husband done before taking these drugs (which I presume have been done). Once you do become pregnant, your doctor will give you further advise.


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