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Can I conceive with hypothyroidism?

Q: I am 28 years old and married for 6yrs. Two years back I had a laproscopy with hysterosalpingography (HSG) done. My ovaries and uterus are normal. I have an anteverted uterus slightly tilted to the left. I had 2 IUI's with cc/hMG/HCG but didn't concieve. My husband has 40% motility in 2-3 grades. Now I have started treatment again after being diagnosed as having polycystic ovaries and hypothyroidism. I had Tyronorm 50mcg and Glycomet 500mg but developed severe head aches and so stopped after 3 days. Tests before starting treatment showed: TSH-17.74 T3-normal T4-8.04 I was prescribed Thyronorm 50 but, after stopping due to headaches, I resumed after one week only thyronorm 25mcg. Now I have undergone IUI (with Letroze/HMG 75/Profasi). Now I am taking Duphaston 10mg. I'll have to wait till 14 days to know if I'm pregnant. Currently I have throat pain and feel like there is something running in. I need your advice on this. Can I conceive at all with hypothyroidism using IUI? What is the proper dose for this? How do I know my levels of TSH, T3, T4 even while continuing Thyronorm 25. Can I take a blood test now?

A:For throat pain, consult a physician. Take salt water gargles, steam ihalation, cough syrup.(Hypothroidism can lead to irregular periods thus difficulty in conceiving). You can conceive with hypothyroidism, provided it is under control with tablets. Consult an endocrinologist for proper dosage of Thyronorm tablets. Your line of treatment is correct; do ovulation induction with cc/ hMG/ Letroz followed by IUI. If you dont conceive with this treatment for 3-4 cycles, you should undergo IVF.


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