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Can I conceive with a hypoplastic uterus?

Q: I am 30 years old female, married for the last year and a half. Before marriage, I used to have irregular periods, which got regularised after treatment. However, after marriage the problem of irregular periods surfaced again. Then I had a pelvic scanning, which indicated hypoplastic uterus and bilateral small sized ovaries. My husband also has a very low sperm count. The doctor initially asked me to take Trito for periods, but these days, I do not get my periods even after taking this tablet. Can I ever conceive?

A:Hypoplastic uterus can be corrected with hysteroscopic uretroplasty but as you have stopped having periods now we will have to assay your hormones like FSH, LH and Oestradiol levels. If the values suggest that you can be stimulated to have periods and ovulate then there is a role for this surgery. If values of your hormones suggest that you have developed ovarian failure then the options for you are either to take a donor egg, opt for a surrogate mother or adoption.


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