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Can I conceive with a hypoplastic uterus?

Q: I am a 26 years old female, married for the last 6 years. I have a hypoplastic uterus and my endometrium line is also thin. I don’t get menses and also can't conceive. But when I was in 10th standard, I had menses, which started with severe pain and after that I got scanty periods at an interval of 6 months to a year. But ever since I have got married, I haven't got my periods. I had vaginoplasty done but it didn't help. I am gaining lot of weight as well. When I got married, I used to weigh 67 kg and now I weigh 90 kg. I feel really depressed. Can hypoplastic uterus be treated?

A:For a hypoplastic uterus without menses, you need to be investigated regarding ovarian function. If you are also gaining weight, it maybe a hormonal problem like thyroid or cushings disease or simply due to overeating and depression. You need to first come to terms with the diagnosis of a hypoplastic uterus and accept it. It is not the worst disease to have. You can always adopt a child, if you really want to bring one up. The restoration of menses can be done in some cases with hormones oestrogen and progesterone, given cyclically, but it has to be given for a long time, is expensive and needs to be followed up with a gynaecologist, also only after the excessive weight is taken care of. You need to consult an endocrinologist to help you loose weight, a psychologist for the depression and after the weight is under check and the hopelessness, reduced, then the gynaecologist.


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