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Can I conceive the same month I underwent a x-ray?

Q: We are trying for a baby for the past 12 months. The doctor suggested for x-ray to check whether there is any problem in the uterus or the tubes. Everything was found OK. We did x-ray on the 6th day after periods. Is it OK to try for the baby in this month? Once conceived, the x-ray is not allowed. In case I conceive this month, will there be any problem to the baby due to the x-ray?

A:It is completely safe to have a hysterosalpingogram (X-Ray of the uterus and tubes using a contrast dye) in the first ten days of the menstrual cycle. The day the period starts is counted as the first day of the cycle. It is, therefore, completely safe for the baby to have been conceived this month itself. Since the tubes get washed out during the X-Ray procedure, there is a better chance of conceiving this month. You must try to conceive this month.


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