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Can I conceive if I have hypertension?

Q: I am a 28 years old woman who had severe headache 5 years back and the next morning my vision was doubled. The doctor admitted me for 15 days and gave me steroids after which my vision was fine. The doctor told me that I have papilloedema, swelling in my optic nerve and hypertension. My MRI was normal. I am taking Diamox (Acetazolamide) 250 mg twice daily for the last 5 years. The doctor told me that I have to take this tablet life long. Am I taking the correct treatment? I want to conceive now, is there any side effect of this medicine?

A:From the input that you have given, it appears that you have a condition called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, also called Benign Intracranial Hypertension. The MRI brain in this type of condition should include MR Venogram and also exam of the CSF (Cerebro spinal Fluid) is commonly done. I am sure if your not having any Visual symptoms, headache and you are not taking drugs, which precipitate this condition your Neurologist may consider discontinue this drug and closely observe you during your Pregnancy.


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