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Can I conceive if CMV IgG is positive?

Q: Last year, I was advised to abort my child and did that. After that, I had a complete medical check up and tests in, which my progesterone level was found to be low. I am taking medicines for that. Recently, I had a TORCH test done, which indicated cytomegalovirus antibody IgG - positive (value - 53 aU/ml). The other parameters were negative. I would like to ask you whether I can conceive at present or do I have to take some medicines and then plan a child?

A:I do not know why you were advised to undergo an abortion with your last pregnancy. That information will be helpful. As for the CMV; you only indicate that your IgG is positive not IgM. That indicates a previous infection and not an active infection. A previous infection does not pose a significant threat to the pregnancy. There is also no specific medicine which is effective. It is safe to try to get pregnant again and I would suggest going ahead.


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