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Can I conceive after being treated for tuberculosis?

Q: I am a 31 years old woman who recently had a laparoscopic surgery and a dye test, which determined I had clear fallopian tubes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) where ovary was 3 times the normal size and slight endometriosis. The doctors did ovarian drilling, D&C as well as biopsy of uterus. They found presence of tuberculosis (TB) bacteria and gave me Forecox and vitamin B6 supplements for 6 months treatment. I have been taking the drugs for the last 6 weeks. During this time I have had brown discharge 2 weeks after the surgery and spotting at 5 weeks. My husband has slightly abnormal sperms (i.e. sperms have 2 heads, 2 tails, etc). Can I conceive?

A:You should take full course of antitubercular treatment before planning a pregnancy. Also, use barrier method of contraception at this time. If you do not have TB anywhere else (e.g. lungs, abdomen), then your husband should be investigated for genitourinary TB - as TB can be transmitted through sexual intercourse - many doctors fail to address this problem. If treatment is not completed, the TB can recur and can occur in other places. Your husband needs to be seen and evaluated by a male gynaecologist.


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