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Can I become a father?

Q: I am 28 years old, and was married last year. We were using condoms to avoid preganency in early stages but now we want a child, so we are trying without condoms from last seven months but no result so far. We contacted a doctor and a full ovary study was done of my wife and semen anaylsis of my self. Reports are normal in the ovary study but my semen report shows: Sperm count - 45 million per ml; Active - 20%; Sluggish - 40%; Non-motile - 40%. After that the doctor advised me CoQ (coenzymeQ) 10, 30 mg thrice a day for 60 days. Can my problem be cured and is it possible to have a child after the course is over?

A:Your chances of having a child are still very bright. Yes! your sperm count and motililty report is not totally satisfactory. For some reasons your sperms are getting immotile. There are several causes of this necrospermia and one will have to investigate you thoroughly. Failing which your sperms could be used for assisted reproduction. You need the services of a complete fertility centre with full infrastructure for the diagnosis and treatment of fertility disorders.


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