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Can hydrocele occur as a side effect of varicocele surgery?

Q: I was operated for varicocele four six years back. Few months later a doctor told that I have developed minimal hydrocele, which according to him, was often a post surgery side effect. I feel I have hydrocele as the size of the left scrotum has increased. How does hydrocele and varicocele affect? Do they lead to infertility and affect sexual life? Is surgery the only solution? If only one of the testicles is affected will the person be able to reproduce? I underwent the varicocele operation to get into Navy. I am not sure whether I needed the surgery then as I didn't have any pain. What course of action should be taken?

A:Hydrocele can be a side effect of varicocele operation or it can occur by itself also. It is a condition where there is fluid collection around the testes. It doesn't affect a man's sexual life or fertility. If you are not married, go ahead and get married. If your hydrocele is big, and if you are worried, get operated as there is no other treatment for it.


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