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Can heart blockage be treated with medicines?

Q: My 75 years old father is having a blockage in the heart. We do not want to go for any type of surgery or angioplasty. Is it possible to treat him with medicines? Is there any medicine, which can help to reduce the blockage? His blood pressure is high too and varies between 80/190 mmHg and 78/160 mmHg. His weight is 65 kg and height is 5.5 feet. Please advise.

A:At the outset it is not clear whether or not your father is actually suffering from coronary artery disease (blockages in the arteries). This can be confirmed by doing either a stress test such as TMT or a nuclear scan, or by angiography. In case this is so there is still no need to rush into doing any intervention provided his condition is stable. He should get his risk factors controlled by control of blood pressure, and sugar; be on lipid lowering medication as well as aspirin. He should exercise regularly and try to lose weight. In case he develops symptoms that are progressively worsening or at rest, there should then be no hesitation in opting for an intervention as appropriate to prevent an acute event such as a heart attack.


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