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Can hearing loss in one ear affect the other ear too?

Q: From the very beginning I cannot hear from my right ear but I can hear perfectly from my left ear. Will it effect the hearing capacity of left ear in future? I have checked up my right ear, which is non-hearing, in Apollo Hospital in Chennai. After check up they said that I cannot hear from my right ear because it is dead. There was no response to different types of sound waves in my right year. Can my right ear can be made ok even after operation?

A:If your right ear is dead, it does not mean that you will lose hearing in left ear. Unless there is any cause which will damage hearing in any ear. So you have to be extremely careful about your left ear. In no case should it be operated on. Other precautions (attachment) to be observed. No surgery can restore hearing in the dead ear. Cochlear implant is performed on patients with both dead ears, it involves putting electrodes into the inner ear, and a aid is worn outside. It is not reccomended for one ear deafness.


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