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Can glaucoma damage the optic nerve leading to blindness?

Q: I am 65 year old. I was operated two year before for cataract and doctors suggested no lens is necessary. Now after the operation I have no eye sight. I can faintly see, that too only up to 10 to 12 yards and I cannot recognize any person or object. Now the doctors are telling you have glaucoma and the optic nerves are damaged and eye sight will have no improvement. Is there any treatment you can suggest for this? Please reply.

A:You must continue to take regular treatment for the glaucoma. This will hopefully slow down further progression of visual field loss and allow you enough navigational vision. You may also benefit by the use of low vision aids (magnifiers for near work & telescopes for distance viewing). Unfortunately, once damage occurs in glaucoma, it is irreversible, all further treatment focuses on prevention of further deterioration.


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