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Can frozen embryo technology help me conceive later?

Q: I have been married for 10 months and have regular periods. I want to continue with my job and have a baby after 4 or 5 years. Can the frozen embryo technology help me? How long can the embryos be kept in frozen state?

A:You seem to think that babies and technologies are like mathematics or life in fact is a consumer item to be bought over the counter. All reproductive technologies come with a package of problems least of all ethical problems. I wonder if you have heard of the terrible consequences in the form of abnormal babies because of inappropriate use of technology besides the possible complications to you because of drugs and hormones required for a test tube baby (a prerequisite for making embryos for freezing!) I do not know why and how you got this idea of freezing embryos? Well if you want to know technically embryos can be kept frozen forever. But why do you want to freeze? Why cant you just have a baby when you plan 5 or ten years later I fail to understand? If you think the quality of the egg will get worse with you age you are only 24 and will not yet be thirty 5 years form now and do with you life what you plan. I can assure you that thirty year old or 35 year old women are perfectly capable of having children! For one moment we believe that you find someone who is willing to provide this frozen embryo business to you for money. What will happen to the embryo 5 years from now we do not know. Anyway what will happen if you decide not to have a baby at all. Or anything that you cannot anticipate yet happens like divorce or a change in partners? What will happen to the embryo? I hope you understand that an embryo is a mini fetus/baby! and several very important ethical questions will arise!


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