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Can fibroids lead to a miscarriage?

Q: I am 43 years old. I had a miscarriage in the second month of my pregnancy. After a sonography, I came to know that there is a large myoma in the left lateral wall measuring 4.5 x 4.8 cms -predominantly in subserous location. A tiny seedling myoma is seen in the posterior myometrium. I want to know is it necessary to remove the fibroid for next pregnancy and if it is to be removed what is the process and is there any medicine for the fibroid to not allow it to grow? How soon can I plan to conceive after a miscarriage?

A:There is no clear scientific opinion to suggest that fibroids can cause a miscarriage. If there is more than one miscarriage and the fibroid is large or encroaches upon the uterine cavity or has a rich blood supply, should surgical removal be considered. The system of an individual with a miscarriage is fit for another pregnancy in three months or so on an average. Since you are in an older age group a quicker retry or early surgery needs consideration.


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