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Can fallopian tubes be reanastomosed after tubal ligation?

Q: Due to some reason we would like to go in for a Laparoscopic tubal reanastomosis. What is the most common kind of tubal ligation done in India? I understand there are a few types like tie, clip, ring, burn and so on but which one is most commonly done, particularly in Tamil Nadu? How many centimetres of the tube is cut during this process?

A:Before answering your queries, I must tell you that recanalisation is not 100% successful. Also, there is a high chance of your having a tubal ectopic pregnancy after this operation (compared to those who do not undergo this surgery). So you must take a calculated decision before going in for this. During caesarean, the tubal ligation is usually done by modified Pomeroys method (tie and cut) in India. I cannot say about Tamil Nadu. We try and remove not more than 1 cm of the tube. Cost of surgery depends upon doctor and hospital - you are advised to meet the doctor you have chosen and ask him /her. Also, you should be prepared for a conventional recanalisation surgery if laparoscopic method is not feasible due to adhesions etc. (as you have a previous CS).


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