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Can eyesight improve while cataract develops?

Q: I am a 70 years old man having serious eye problem for the last 8 months. I feel eyes burning, irritation and puffiness (swelling) in both the eyes. I have been using glasses for the last 40 years but now my both near and distant vision has shown a noticeable and confirmed improvement. I have changed my glasses twice in the past 5 months. The doctor says that I am developing cataract in both the eyes. Also my eyes cornea has become yellowish and dry, at the other time it was diagnosed as conjunctivitis. Can eyesight improve while cataract develops? Can I undergo a surgery for cataract when my both the sights are better than before?

A:Swelling, puffiness etc. are not due to cataract. It is good that they are responding to some medicines given by your doctor. It may be dryness, infection or allergy. About cataract, in initial stages, it worsens your distance vision and improves the near vision. But later, both decrease. If you have vision blurring, attributable for the cataract, than you can undergo surgery. If you have no vision problems, generally Surgery will not improve your eye status.


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