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Can Emeset be used to avoid vomiting during pregnancy?

Q: I am 9 weeks pregnant. I am taking Emeset for vomiting and Rantac for acidity. I avoid spicy & fatty foods, but still feel like vomiting all the time. Is there any better medicine for it? When will this get over?

A:No where in the world is Emeset (ondansetron) approved or indicated for use in nausea and/or vomiting of pregnancy. It is highly doubtful if this drug can ever be prescribed by a qualified gynaecologist because its safety during pregnancy has not even been studied. Emeset is to be used only in cancer patients when they start vomiting as a result of deep X-ray or anti-cancer drugs administration. Apart from dietary measures, if absolutely necessary you can take Doxinate 2 tablets at bedtime. If required one more tablet in the morning and afternoon.


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