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Can drugs for headache cause reduced sex drive?

Q: I am facing loss of sexual desire. I am 29 years old and a bachelor. I have headache daily since the past one year. I consulted a doctor who prescribed Nexito (20 mg) and Migarid (10 mg). Can these drugs cause low libido? Which medicine should I use for my problem? The frequency of headaches has reduced. Please advise.

A:Nexito is the brand name of a medicine called escitalopram. It is used by psychiatrists in the treatment of major depression and panic disorders. It has a large number of side effects including sexual dysfunction, ejaculation (of semen) disorders, suicidal tendency, tendency to agitation, depersonalisation just to mention a few. Its usual dose is 10 mg. Migarid is the brand name of a medicine called flunarizine. It is used to prevent attacks of migraine. It is not clear if any firm diagnosis has been made in your case since headache is a symptom, not a disease or diagnosis. Assuming that you are suffering from migraine, only flunarizine (Migarid) is to be taken. On the other hand if you are suffering from major depression and/or panic disorders, then you should consult a good, competent psychiatrist. Nexito, in the maximum dose (20 mg) that you are taking, may lead to serious problems.


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