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Can Dilatation and Curettage be repeated to treat menstrual problem?

Q: I am a 31 years old married woman having 2 children aged 4.6 and 7 months old. I am hypothyroid and taking medication for same. My periods have increased with each of my deliveries so much so that I have to change pads every hour for 2 days. Scanning revealed 25 mm thick lining (no fibroids). The doctor suggests a Dilatation and Curettage (D&C), which I already had 2 years back. Can D&C be repeated so soon or can it be avoided? Could Mirena contraceptive be solution to my problem?

A:Yes, you do need to have a repeat D&C as the periods are still heavy. Sometimes, the D&C itself gives the diagnosis as well as is the treatment, depending upon the report obtained. Medicines later maybe required if there is Hyperplasia (including growth) of the uterine lining, for 3-6-9 moths, as per the report. Yes, mirena too helps in selected cases, if there is no infection, fibroids, or malignant change. You can choose between mirena or tablets of progesterone, after the D&C report is available, and if the heavy bleeding occurs even after the D&C.


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