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Can diabetics get married and have normal children?

Q: I am diabetic since the age of 25. My doctor said that I am not a juvenile diabetic. At present I am taking Human Mixt Insulin 15 units in the morning and 12 units in the evening. My current levels are under control and have good health. If I am not a juvenile diabetic, then why do I have to take insulin? Can young diabetics have normal children? There was an article in the newspaper, that it is very difficult for young diabetics to get married? How far is it true?

A:You may or may not be dependent on insulin. Your doctor would tell you why insulin was started. But insulin is in any case the best medication for diabetes. Yes, diabetics do have normal children. If it is male diabetic then no problem at all but if it is female diabetic then during pregnancy a very tight control is required and pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance and blood sugars should be well controlled during pregnancy.


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