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Can diabetes lead to hearing loss?

Q: I am 64 years old and suffering from diabetes for the past 10 years. My sugar level is usually within control. I am experiencing hearing loss since past two years. It is not constant but intermittent. A couple of year back, the doctor told me that there is an inflammation of ear tube and after taking some medicines this had recovered a bit but now again I am feeling the same thing. Is this sensory neural deafness? Some suggest a brain CT scan and some suggest the use hearing aids. Is this related to diabetes or blood pressure? My recent BP is 86/156 mm of Hg and random blood sugar (RBS) is 167 mg/dl after breakfast. It is not that I cannot hear but need to pay attention. Please guide me.

A:If the ENT doctor diagnosed and told you that it is the infection of the tube, then it is not likely to be sensory neural. So that means no CT and no other tests. This episodic hearing loss is common with eustachian tube blockage. Diabetes in the long run does affect hearing by weakening the nerves for hearing but the loss is gradual but irreversible. A simple hearing test can detect it.


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