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Can corneal oedema develop following cataract surgery?

Q: My mother aged 70 underwent phacosurgery for her right eye but her vision is still hazy and we are told that now she has corneal oedema. She is very disappointed with the result since her vision is not normal and she has spent Rs.18,000/- for her operation. At present she is using Hypersol-5, Dexcin, Genteal and Hypersol-6 ointment. How serious is her problem? Will it clear up with time?

A:The cornea may rarely decompensate following cataract surgery, the result being the development of corneal oedema (or pseudophakic bullous keratopathy). A common cause for this is the presence of pre-existing corneal guttata or Fuchs Dystrophy. Some of the corneal oedema may gradually reduce with appropriate medication. Later on, corneal grafting surgery (Corneal Transplant) may be required to replace the damaged cornea and restore vision. It is best if the patient seeks an opinion of a qualified ophthalmologist who specialises in cornea related diseases.


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