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Can central serous retinopathy be treated with surgery?

Q: My 66 years old mother is having central serous retinopathy. She is not able to see for the first hour of the day and after 7 pm her eyes get too tired, vision becomes blurry too. She got to know that there is a new surgical intervention has been introduced involving liquid and a permanent contact lens. She uses lubrication drops with very less positive results. She has ulcerative colitis too and must remain on Diphentum to control bleeding. Please advise.

A:There are several diseases with similar names! CSR (the one you have mentioned) does never needs a surgery. It is self limiting, and in about 6 weeks, completely heals. Only in some, it can recur. Occurs in youngsters. If you are referring to Senile macular degeneration, there are many stages & types in it. In dry state, there is no treatment. In wet stage, the approach is intravitreal injection of Avastin and sometimes Laser. Surgery again is not the choice of treatment. Surgery is done for Diabetic retinopathy or retinal detachment etc.


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