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Can Buta-Proxyvon be safely consumed in pregnancy?

Q: My wife is undergoing hormone treatment for pregnancy. As the follicles are developed, we were asked to be in touch for 4 days. After two days, she had headache and she took a pain killer by the name of Buta Proxyvon. Will this have any adverse affect on the pregnancy?

A:Buta-Proxyvon is a combination product not meant for headache. Moreover it is Prescription Only medicine indicated for Rheumatic disorders and should neither be bought nor used without a doctors prescription. The patient could have taken a simple analgesic such as paracetamol (Crocin) for headache. Of the three ingredients, diclofenac and dextropropoxyphene are not allowed to be taken during pregnancy. If the patient does become pregnant, one should do frequent tests even though the chances of a deformed baby are quite small.


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