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Can anything be done for my mother's deteriorated organs?

Q: My mother is 66 years old. She has been a diabetic since her menopause and is on insulin for the past 14 years. Her organs have deteriorated with time. She has undergone laser for the eyes but still not able to read. She is having diabetic neuropathy. Recently she had renal failure. She is on haemodialysis twice a week and is very weak. She is unable to take her diet properly and in severe depression. She is a very knowledgeable lady, had been an active homemaker as well as a teacher after my father's retirement. It is very painful to see her undergo this phase of life. Please advise.

A:This medical history of your mother is the natural history of diabetes. At this stage, except support to the failing organs nothing can be done. Best time is to prevent diabetes in the offspring; once diabetes occurs, over a period of time most organs are gradually affected despite best treatment. However, effective treatment with stringent blood sugar control can prevent or delay most complications. The treatment is expensive, time consuming and mentally taxing for all the family members. Remain in touch with your endocrinologist / diabetologist and follow his instructions to make the life of patient as much comfortable as possible.


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