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Can anxiety and depression increase the blood pressure?

Q: I was in depression for a period of 1 year. At that time, I did not care much about it and over a period of time I stared getting pain in my chest frequently. I consulted a doctor and he stated that it could be due to anxiety, so there is no need to worry. He prescribed Ciplar 40 mg and Nixte forte. My BP reading is 150/100. I am 22 years old. I have not got any major tests done. The doctor also suggested that there is no need for any major treatment. Should I follow any specific food habit and go for any tests?

A:First of all BP of 150/100 at your age is definitely abnormal - so most important thing for you would be to make sure that there is no underlying physical (organic) cause for your blood pressure. There are some organic/physical causes which can cause high blood pressure and give rise to anxiety symptoms. In addition, It is possible that Stress/anxiety/depression could present with symptoms that you are describing - In fact it has been shown that if stress/anxiety/depression is not properly controlled they can lead to increased risk of hypertension and other cardiac disorders. Thus I would recommend getting a thorough work-up +tests by a physician to rule out possible causes for high blood pressure - and only if everything is normal then getting proper treatment for your anxiety/depression by a psychiatrist.


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