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Can an ultrasound detect an ectopic pregnancy?

Q: My wife recently had right ectopic pregnancy and was operated for tubal abortion as it was not possible through laparoscopy. The initial report of ultrasound could not detect ectopic pregnancy and the same was detected after a gap of 9 days. She had her normal periods but the next periods caused acute pain in the lower abdomen. I would request you to tell me about the chances of future pregnancy now that the right fallopian tube has been removed. Also, what is the reason for ectopic pregnancy and why could it not be detected in the first ultrasound?

A:Yes, an Ultrasound examination can fail to pick up an ectopic pregnancy if the sac is too small. But it shows up in a few days down the line as the pregnancy and the sac size increase. After one ectopic pregnancy, there is a higher chance of a repeat ectopic and this chance is 4 times higher than a normal woman. So as soon as your wife misses her next period, she should confirm pregnancy by a HCG titre and go for an Ultrasound examination to a good sonologist as soon as possible.


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