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Can an overdose of colimex cause permanent damage?

Q: My daughter 3 years and 4 month old, is suffering from fever with pain in abdomen. Calpol syrup and Colimex syrup was given as per the doctor's advice. Today at noon by mistake Colimex was given to her around 6 ml instead of 15 drops (0.6 ml). After some time of consumption of Colimex my daughter started behaving abnormally to some extent. It seemed as if she had lost control. She was talking incoherently. Though she was conscious and became otherwise fine after a couple of hrs. she gradually came to her normal self but a slight disorder still persists. The doctor was contacted and he said overdosing with Colimex usually does not cause the symptoms mentioned and there was nothing to worry about. Please advise me if this overdosing has caused some permanent damage to my daughter or she will be fine?

A:Your child has received a large dose almost 5 times the adult dose of dicyclomine. The adverse effects to dicyclomine include dry mouth, abdominal distension, flushing of skin and palpitations. Confusional state can also occur, which seems to be the case with your child. By now however, your child should be well. Do have her examined by the pediatrician to make sure. It is of utmost importance that while administering drugs to anyone, specially young children, instructions regarding dose and dose frequency be understood completely and followed precisely. Medications are like double edged sword and overmedication can lead to disastrous consequences.


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