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Can an ovarian cyst affect a pregnancy?

Q: My 27 years old sister underwent laparoscopy for a twisted ovarian cyst during her 9th week of pregnancy. Doctors have drained fluid and untwisted the cyst, which is about 12 cm. What are the chances of this twisting recurring and can it adversely affect her pregnancy?

A:The cyst was obviously a benign cyst. For the moment the problem is solved. If the cyst lining has been removed, it is unlikely the cyst will form again. Depending upon the cytology report of the aspirated cyst fluid and histopathology of the cyst wall lining, her gynaecologist will be able to inform you about chances of recurrence in same ovary or the other ovary. Problem of torsion is haemorrhage into the ovary and secondary infection of the twisted ovary, as well as rupture of the ovary. These can present as acute emergencies, requiring admission and possibly surgery. Sometimes it can lead to abortion or pre-term labour.


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