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Can an infant have a cylindrical eye power of -3.5?

Q: Can a baby, 21 months old, have a cylindrical eye power of -3.5? If so, please let me know the effects of this. Also, advise if glasses are the only remedy or any food can be given to cure this? Is this a permanent problem or can it be cured?

A:Any one including a new borne baby can have cylindrical defect like the one you have mentioned. This is due to abnormal shape of the eyeball and should not be considered as a disease. She should see near things but distance will be blurred. Apart from glasses or contact lenses there is no satisfactory cure for this. No food or exercise will help the condition. When the child grows up he/she can have surgery to improve this condition. If the child’s vision is not corrected satisfactorily, he/she could have poor vision in one or both eyes and there is no way to improve vision after about 6 years of age.


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