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Can a woman with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism become pregnant?

Q: I have hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. I am trying to get pregnant and did IUI once, but did not succeed. I was injected with Menopure. I had to take around 50 injection to develop my follicles and then had to be injected with HCG for ovulation. Since I did not succeed, my doctor told me to give a gap and then try IUI and IVF together. Can ladies suffering from Hypogonadism get pregnant with IUI or IVF? What is the success rate? Is there is any success story? Is it possible to do IUI and IVI together in a particular cycle? Can taking so many injections for stimulating the ovary affect the ovary or uterus in future? My doctor has suggested to take Ovamed from day 16 to day 26 for this cycle and try for pregnancy at home. Is it really possible for my kind of case to get pregnant this way? He has also suggested to take premarine from day 5 to day 26 and Maintain from day 16 to day 26 from the next cycle and try. But isn't Premarine a HRT medicine? Isn't it like a contraceptive? Will it really help?

A:If the diagnosis of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism is confirmed then nothing will work except the daily gonadotropin injections till your follicles mature and then the HCG trigger with IUI if your tubes are okay and IVF if tubes are blocked. There is a very good chance of more than 90% to get pregnant with this diagnosis with the right treatment. There is virtually no harm to the ovaries or the uterus with this treatment and you must try for 3 to 4 cycles at least.


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