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Can a squint in the eye be corrected?

Q: I am a 20 years old boy having a squint in my left eye. It happened after I suffered from typhoid at the age of 6 months. Now, I am slowly losing vision in my left eye. Is it possible to correct the squint in my eye?

A:It is possible to correct your squint by doing surgery but success depends on how good is your vision in the left eye. If the vision is good even with glasses, the success rate is high but if the vision in your left eye is poor in spite of glasses, then the eye may not remain straight after some time (few years.). The most likely cause for the squint in your case is that your eye needed glasses since birth but you compensated for it till 6 months of age. When you got typhoid, this compensation broke down and you started to show squint. More over after this age, you start using your eye more. The brain ignored the vision from worse of the two eyes to avoid confusion and this caused left eye to be poorer still and squint remained neglected till now. I will advise you to see a good eye hospital or eye specialist who will check your vision and also prescribe glasses if required. This itself may improve your squint and vision significantly. If operation is required, they will advise you the pros and cons & also the cost, which will vary from specialist and hospitals where this is done. Don’t worry, the treatment is straight-forward.


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