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Can a retinopathy affected person regain vision?

Q: I am a 40 years old man had suffered from central serous retinopathy (CSR) in my right eye, which was diagnosed a year back. Although anatomically, fluid receded completely, the current condition entails a thinned out retina, and non-resumption of central vision. I have been informed that some rod and cone cells suffered insult and are yet to regenerate after the trauma. Incidentally, through a pin-hole the eye has better vision than when wholly exposed. Visual acuity in the affected eye is >6/120. Foveal thickness was at 89+/-6 microns; total macular volume 6.49 mm3, by the stratus OCT scans 9 months back. I have been maintaining an amsler grid repertory and find that the region of vision is constant since then. Would regular vitamin intake and appropriate diet allow for further regeneration of the affected cells? Could stem cells or other techniques help? My profession depends a lot on reading and writing. Please advise.

A:The areas of retina affected by CSR are like scars and may not improve significantly. However, the darker coloured fresh vegetables and fruits may help. Antioxidants like selenium, Zinc and vitamin A along with other vitamins may help as well, as you are only young at 40, you have to think of future. Stem cell therapy will not help. Although your vision is poor in this eye, the fact that it improves with pin hole suggests that further improvement is possible with proper glasses. There is a field of vision defect but your vision all around that should remain good and is very useful for navigational vision. There is no harm in reading and writing as much as you like, make sure of good lighting but you may need reading/bifocal or varifocal glasses.


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