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Can a mediclaim policy cover my entire family?

Q: I am a 25 years old female. I want a combined health insurance policy for me, my husband (25 years old), my father-in-law (52 years old) and my mother-in-law (48 years). It is possible?

A:Yes, you can go for a combined mediclaim policy. But your in-laws need to go for certain tests because their age has crossed the age limit of 45 years to take the policy. There are certain tests need to be done if somebody crosses the age limit of 45 years:-

  1. Mediclaim examination as per the proposal form.
  2. Complete blood count and ESR
  3. Urine routine and microscopic
  4. Cholesterol
  5. SGPT
  6. Stress Test
  7. ECG
  8. Serum Creatinine


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