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Can a diabetic with heart blocks undergo cataract operation?

Q: Can a person of 70 years of age, having 3 blocks in the heart, high diabetes, vision 40%; undergo cataract operation? If not, what precautions should be observed in such a case?

A:Most cataract surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia, and, as such pose no significant risk for a diabetic, hypertensive or heart patient. However, it must be ensured, that - a) Blood sugar and BP are strictly controlled pre-operatively and the patient be admitted for the cataract surgery. b) The surgery is performed under cardiac ECG monitoring and pulse oximetry. c) A qualified and experienced anaesthetist is available on standby in the O.T. to take care of any discomfort the patient may feel and monitor the patient's condition. Usually, surgical time is 20-30 minutes, and if all precautions are taken, it passes off without any problems.


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